Frequently Asked Questions

No two searches are the same and we never know when the right opportunity will present itself. On average though most full search clients generally will have purchased a property within 3-10 weeks of engagement with our service. 

In most instances we sign a  6 month exclusive agreement with you and unlike a selling agent we are not trying to sell you a property, we are working for you and want the best property at the best price, so there are no pressures from us for you to buy.

The fees vary based on the type of service required, but the fee is split into two parts.

There is a retainer or engagement fee payable after we have spent time together establishing your brief and ensuring it is realistic and we have all agreed to work with each other. The retainer fee is payable when we sign an agreement with you and commence working with you.

The other part of the fee, known as the success fee, is only payable once we have successfully purchased a property for you.

The fee is a fixed fee ( unlike some other buyers agents and most selling agents who generally charge a percentage based on the purchase price) and will be agreed upfront before commencing our service, so there are no hidden costs or surprises you haven’t budgeted for.

Clients can be assured that the fee quoted will be fair and reasonable for the service we provide and for a full search will reflect the complexity of the search, your requirements and the size of the search area. 

Cathy believes you can’t be an expert in all parts of Sydney and offer a valuable service to clients, so chooses to specialise in the North and North West areas of Sydney.

This includes the Upper and Lower North Shore,  Northern suburbs, the Hills District and North West areas as far as Blacktown and Parramatta. 

For repeat and referral clients who require a service outside of our specialised areas Cathy is always open to offering her advice and assisting where she can and can also refer you to a trusted Buyers Agent colleague who may be better placed to assist you.

This will never happen if you are one of our clients.

McGowan Property Buyers has a strict policy of never taking on two clients at the same time with a similar brief and budget.

A good buyer’s agent offers so much more than access to off market and pre-market listings, unfortunately some buyers get fixated on this part of the service. Buyers need to remember that not all properties are equal and just because it’s off market or pre-market doesn’t mean it’s a good property and worth buying. Keep in mind that some off market and pre-market properties can be sub par or inferior properties and can be overpriced with unrealistic vendors testing the market . A good buyer’s agent can give a professional and objective view on the quality and value of the property, and advise whether it’s worth pursuing.

Keep in mind that whether you are purchasing a house to call home or an investment property, real estate is a major investment so why risk not getting professional advice to ensure you buy a good quality asset at the right price.

In order to commence a full search we need to ensure you have pre-approved finance in place, assuming finance is required, and we need to establish your buyer brief and ensure it is realistic.

Rest assured Cathy will spend time understanding your essential and desirable requirements in a property, your preferred suburbs or suggest areas to consider if you are undecided. Cathy will always ensure the brief is achievable, so you can have a successful outcome, before a retainer fee and exclusive agency agreement is signed.

Once the retainer fee is paid and the agreement is signed, your property search commences and clients can expect regular communications and updates from Cathy. Cathy only takes on a very small client load at one time so as to ensure a high standard of service to all her valued clients.