Auction Bidding Service

Engage an experienced professional to bid on your behalf to ensure you improve your chances of auction success and don't pay more then you should.

Why Choosing McGowan Property Buyers Auction Bidding Service is your smartest move

Cathy will help you take the emotion out of the process

Auctions are competitive and buyers often overpay because they are swept up in the emotion and competition. It is extremely beneficial to remove yourself from the process. By choosing McGowan Property Buyers you are handing the bidding over to a professional with seasoned experience and a clear head who will confidently represent you and maximise your chances of auction success.

McGowan Property Buyers can make the auction process work in your favour

Are you unsure or nervous about how to bid? Have you missed out at a property auction recently? McGowan Property Buyers will help you set a strategy around pricing prior to the auction to maximise your chances of securing the property whilst ensuring you don’t pay too much. As a highly experienced buyers’ agent Cathy is well versed in the laws governing auctions in N.S.W. as well as the tricks and tactics used by auctioneers to push buyers to pay past the limits they set prior to auction.

 It can be difficult for novices to gain the upper hand when bidding on a house. As an experienced buyers’ agent, Cathy is an expert in bidding at auctions and has the necessary skills to play the right moves at auction to ensure you secure the property and pay the least possible price. Keep in mind that not all properties sell under the fall of the hammer and if a property is passed in you will benefit from Cathy’s expertise on post auction negotiations.

McGowan’s Auction Bidding Process

You can approach McGowan Property Buyers with a property you have decided to buy after inspecting and conducting your own due diligence. As long as there is no conflict of interest with a full search client, then Cathy will work with you to understand your interactions with the agent to date and any other relevant intel to develop a clear auction strategy designed to increase your chances of securing the property. She will liaise with your solicitor or conveyancer to ensure contract amendments are finalised and will get your written authority to bid at auction on your behalf as well as your maximum bid price, which will be discussed as part of our strategy discussion prior to auction. Cathy will attend the auction and professionally and confidently bid for you, there is no need for you to even attend. If successful Cathy will oversee the contract exchange and if the property passes in will handle post auctions negotiations on the auction day on your behalf.

Clients who utilise this service can rest assured Cathy knows the property auction process inside out and which tactics work and which don’t. With McGowans Property Buyers, acting on your behalf, you get the skills and confidence to successfully manage what is often an intimidating environment.

The Expert In Your Corner

Hi, my name is Cathy McGowan. I am an independent Property buyers agent with a passion to assist home buyers and investors find their ideal home or investment property.  I use my many years of professional experience and extensive market network to provide expert assistance to my clients in the whole buying process, from sourcing the best properties to negotiating and securing them for the best price and terms, always with my clients best interests and needs top of mind.

Giving Back

Who else do we help

McGowan Property Buyers chooses to share its successes by donating 5% of the success fee it receives on full search services to one of our three nominated charities. Cathy invites her full search clients to get involved in the gift of giving by selecting which of the nominated charities they would like her to direct the donation to. Alternatively if clients have another charity they are passionate about, Cathy is open to discussing supporting that charity, as long as its status is verified.

Assistance Dogs Australia

Founded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia trains and places unique dogs with Australians in unique situations. We currently train dogs that specialise in support for people with a physical disability, autism or PTSD. As well as providing a range of services to these individuals and their families.

Our free-to-client assistance dogs provide Independence, self-esteem, improved health and relationships to individuals and families – resulting in stronger and more successful communities.

The North Foundation

The NORTH Foundation is the official charity of the Northern Sydney Local Health District which includes Royal North Shore Hospital, Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital, Manly Adolescent and Young Adult Hospice, and the oldest research institute in NSW, the Kolling Institute. The NORTH Foundation works in partnership with our hospitals and research units to raise much needed funds so they can continue to provide the best in patient care and drive research to find solutions to real-world health problems impacting our community.

The charity supports the best in patient care and community well-being, world-class medical research and excellence in education, infrastructure and equipment. The NORTH Foundation, through the power of collective giving, endeavours to bridge the gap between what is needed today and what is possible tomorrow.


Dignity is a registered national charity established in 2015, bringing innovation and strength to the sector. At Dignity, we believe we can collaboratively end homelessness in Australia. To do this, we empower people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness to prevent, respond to and end their homelessness. Dignity currently provides supported temporary accommodation and longer-term stable housing for hundreds of people every night of the year and operates multiple programs to prevent homelessness including food relief and education across Australia.

Dignity’s innovative models underpinned by dignified care for people experiencing homelessness have been presented as an agenda item at the United Nations Conference in New York and the organisation has won several prestigious awards and recognised at the Telstra Business Awards and Social Impact Measurement Awards as social changemakers.


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